Loren Carpenter


L.Carpenter is active in the area of research and development of interactive audience participation technologies allowing a man-machine-interaction.


"Kinoetic Evolution" (1994)


Loren Carpenter (USA), is an inventor and president of Cinematrix. Education in computer science at the University of Washington, in Seattle (MS - 76). 1966 to 1980 employed by The Boeing Company. Since 1980 at Lucasfilm where he helped develop RenderMan. His research contributions include motion blur, fractal rendering, scan-line patch rendering, the A-buffer, distributed ray tracing and many other algorithmic approaches to image making. 1986, Co.-Founder of Pixar. Academy Award for best animated short for "Tin Toy" in 1989. Received the 1985 SIGGRAPH Graphics Achievment Award.
 1993, Scientific and Technical Academy Award for fundamental contributions to the motion picture industry through the invention and development of the RenderMan image synthesis software system. Currently Cinematrix is focusing on the development of interactive audience participation technology.

 Loren Carpenter was awarded a Distinction by the Prix Ars Electronica jury for his entry Kinoetic Evolution in the category Interactive Art

From http://www.aec.at/prix/kunstler/Elcarpenter.html at Ars Electronica

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