DESIGN 5505: Information Design

August 1, 2014

Instructor: Yvette Shen

Design 5505 - SP18

How can visual design be used to make sense of complex data, events, processes, and organization systems?

How can information design inform, educate, tell stories, and build awareness?

This course explores the relationship between visual design and the field of information visualization.  It presents design strategies of how information can be structured and visualized to create effective communications and to stimulate viewer attention and engagement.

Projects will use a variety of design tools and media and focus on developing an analytic and critical design process, demonstrating how design can affect and improve the understanding of information and how data can tell compelling stories.

The course is intended for both undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of programs including visual design, engineering, business, and architecture, or any student who works with data and information presentations. Students will be expected to complete basic research, data collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation. They will be required to synthesize information from multiple and varied perspectives and create visual representations for each of the semester’s projects. Students will complete information design work with a high level of skill, balancing functionality and aesthetics.


Credit Hours: 

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