Portfolios and Supplemental Materials Requirements


Applicants will be provided with login information to upload portfolio examples and complete the online application process once an application to OSU Graduate and Professional Admissions has been completed. Applicants may submit up to 20 files total for portfolio and supplemental materials as images, videos, or PDFs.

Portfolio Submission - Design Research and Development

All applicants must upload a digital portfolio of design projects, as part of the online application process. Design Research and Development applicants should Include 10-15 examples of previously completed works that demonstrate their preparation for advanced study in design. Please describe the research and design process that informed your work, when appropriate. Applicants can submit projects in the areas of interior design, product design, visual communication/graphic design, interactive and time-based media, or other related creative fields for review. Combine files into a single PDF if possible to reduce the number of individual uploads.

Portfolio Submission - Digital Animation and Interactive Media

Applicants must submit video files representative of his or her experience and achievement in animation and/or interactive media. Videos may be the final work, or they may be documentation of process or installations. All applicants will be expected to have substantial experience in 3D animation as well as a strong foundation in computing and cinematic structure. Applicants exhibiting exceptional quality in interactive media or related disciplines will be considered with advisement requiring coursework in the above foundations. Compilations or demo reels are accepted, but if submitting complete works, please upload each individually if possible. A short text description for each uploaded portfolio document should also be provided. Do not upload high-resolution (HD) videos. Use compression such as mp4 so that uploads take less time and size.

Supplemental Materials

Applicants may also submit additional materials that document methodology and/or demonstrate thier knowledge and capabilities such as proposals or published papers that demonstrate tangible results of creative work and/or thier ability to construct and express intellectual arguments in writing. Such supplements will be accepted as PDF documents.