Statement of Intent


One component of the Department of Design’s online application requirements is a statement of intent. The statement of intent should address all of the following: 

Present a clear statement of your creative research focus. Address how this research interest developed and describe how your past and current creative work informs its development. 

Suggest how you think your study in our MFA program will support your ability to pursue your research interest/focus area. What possible future directions might your creative research take based on what you know about new developments in your profession and in relevant emerging research trends?

Articulate why the OSU Design Department and three specific design faculty members are well positioned to support your research and creative work. Tell us why this particular department is critical to your continued work and success.

Describe any supporting experiences you have had in the areas of community engagement, professional outreach, former or current employment and other activities such as travel and volunteer projects that have impacted your design philosophy, your research, or your approach to creative work. Also, how has any work you have done impacted others?