Honors and Scholars Programs


As students in the Department of Design go through their major programs as cohorts in a strict sequence, special honors or scholars sections of courses are often not available within the design curriculum. However, as many design students qualify for honors or scholars status in the university, they are encouraged to take advantage of the various benefits that those programs provide.

General information on the university's Honors and Scholars programs may be found below and more specific information may be found on each program's website, which includes information on graduating with honors and distinction, as well as specific scholars programs in which design students might participate.

Design students wishing to pursue graduating with honors and distinction should contact the Academic Advisor after acceptance to a major degree program, so that more specific information can be supplied.

Honors Program in Arts and Sciences

The Honors Program in Arts and Sciences provides high-ability students opportunities to pursue challenging academic programs. Honors students are encouraged to construct an enhanced curriculum that includes honors courses, upper-division courses to meet general requirements, rigorous sequences, honors seminars, a minor, and a strong major, including a significant research experience.

Scholars Programs at Ohio State

The Ohio State Scholars Program offers academically motivated students the chance to meet and live with other students who share similar interests and career goals. Each of the fourteen programs is centered on a particular theme or area of study and open to students regardless of their intended major. Living together their freshman year, Scholars attend select classes together and create a close-knit community. The Scholars Programs are designed to complement your academic experience with a wide variety of opportunities to learn outside of the classroom; many students choose programs that are not directly related to their intended major.

Arts Honors Program

The Arts Honors Program develops and nurtures young individual artists, designers, musicians, thespians, and art historians through one-on-one interactions with faculty which features opportunities beyond the traditional academic classroom including such non-traditional experiences as Special Individualized Study options, Arts Entrepreneurship Director endeavors, and Director of Production or Ensemble Performances. Students graduate with honors in the arts.


Any questions should be directed to Ed Quinn, ARTS Academic Honors Advisor, at 292-6961 or through email: quinn.142@osu.edu.

Graduating with Distinction in the Arts or with Research Distinction

The Graduation With Distinction in the Arts recognition is for students who are pursuing a degree in the ARTS (Art, Art Education, Dance, Design, History of Art, Theatre, Music) and will be working on a creative or research project during the last year of their major program. The project must be steeped in the discipline's creative process or research scholarship, and the student must have a committee of three tenure-track faculty members who will guide the student in his or her project and who serve on the one-hour oral examination committee. The With Distinction designation is open to any and all students majoring in the arts. Applications are due three quarters before the intended graduate date.

If you need further information speak to Ed Quinn, ARTS Academic Honors Advisor, at 292-6961 or through email: quinn.142@osu.edu or call the Arts and Humanities Associate Dean's Office and ask for the Arts Honors Director, 292-2090.

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