Exploring Design Thinking

DESIGN 3105: Exploring Design Thinking

An overview of concepts, processes and modes of identifying problems and proposing effective solutions from a design-oriented perspective.
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Prerequisites: Open to all students eligible to enroll undergraduate Ohio State coursework. 

Keywords: design, design research, design thinking, problem solving, collaborative



How do designers solve complex problems?
What does the design process look like?
How can design thinking help me in my career?
How can I add value when I'm working on team projects?


The aim of this course is to understand how to use the Design Thinking framework. It serves to provoke curiosity and introduces the five phases of the Design Thinking Process. Students learn to identify meaningful topics and problem areas, define goal attributes, and form implementable solutions.


  • Define design thinking and various components of its flexible methodology;
  • Recognize and practice strategies for opportunity seeking, problem definition, idea generation, and development;
  • Explore techniques for imagining and generating innovative ideas;
  • Organize and analyze disparate information into messages that can be clearly communicated to a reader/viewer;
  • Explore how design thinking can be adopted in organizations and corporations;
  • Recognize how social context shapes both the generation and reception of new ideas;
  • Navigate collaborative engagements and group dynamics while remaining cognizant of best personal practices.

Course Materials

No additional costs. All course materials will be provided.

Students will be using different kinds software, but no technical knowledge is required.

Course Organization

This is a 3 credits course that meets synchronously twice a week for 1:20 each day.
Both in-person and online options are available.

Sample Coursework 

  • Various types of team projects
  • Discussion boards
  • Individual quizzes
  • Individual reflections

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