Seeking to create solutions that narrow the gap between the existing and the desired.

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July 9, 2019
By: Mary Anne Beecher, Ph.D. Is psychological well-being really a problem on college campuses? The Department of Design takes the mental health and happiness of students and faculty very seriously…
June 21, 2019
By: Grace Bucholz When new Buckeyes open their Digital Flagship iPads for the first time, Visual Communication Design student Anne Knellinger’s wallpaper image will be there to greet them.…
June 14, 2019
Congratulations to Jason Duffield (MFA’20) and Rhys Gruebel (MFA’20) on being awarded The Global Arts + Humanities Graduate Team Fellowships!  The Global Arts + Humanities Graduate Team Fellowships…
June 4, 2019
Congratulations to Assistant Professors Kyoung Lee Swearingen (Design) and Scott Swearingen (Design), for being awarded the Arts Creation Grant from the Ohio State Global Arts and Humanities…

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Matthew Lewis, PhD
Assistant Professor
Bruce Evans
MFA Candidate - DAIM
Noel Mayo, D.F.A. (Hon.)
Professor Emeritus
Mary Anne Beecher, Ph.D.
Department Chairperson