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Seeking to create solutions that narrow the gap between the existing and the desired.

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Design is all around us, but how designers think through their work is often a mystery. Understanding that process can fuel our own curiosity and creativity. Adam Fromme hosts the Thinking through Design podcast as a series of in-depth discussions to reveal the designer's mindset and realize its value.

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October 7 - November 8, 2024
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Third-year MFA candidate Mahkameh Mallahzadeh, under the guidance of Dr. Liz Sanders, has advanced to the finals of the 2024 Long COVID Healthathon, hosted by the U.S. Department of Health and…

By Adam Fromme

Episode 10 of Thinking through Design is now available. The Thinking through Design podcast features host Adam Fromme as he explores what it means to have a designer’s mindset.

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By Peter Kwok Chan, Ph.D.
Wrapping up the final week of this spring semester’s Introduction to Visual Communication Design II course, instructor Peter Chan orchestrated an exploratory workshop centered around AI-generated…
By Yvette Shen

As the curtains close on an unforgettable chapter of innovation and collaboration, we celebrate the achievements of six interdisciplinary student teams from the Department of Design. Guided by the…