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Department of Design Print Lab

The Ohio State University's Department of Design Print Lab is designed to be a vibrant student-centered space, dedicated to empowering our design students in their academic pursuits, promoting innovative thinking, and fostering responsible and ethical usage of traditional and 3D printing technology. Located in Room 208 on the second floor of Hayes Hall, the lab serves as a dynamic hub, committed to advancing education, research, and creativity.

Lab Access and Hours

The Department of Design Print Lab operates within specific hours to ensure a secure and controlled environment for all users. 

Open Printing Hours

Monday-Sunday 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

The Department of Design Print Lab is accessible to authorized users during open printing hours. During these open hours, lab users with the appropriate permissions are welcome to use the lab's 3D printers and related equipment for their projects and assignments. 

No Overnight Printing: For safety and security reasons, 3D printing operations must be concluded by the end of the workday. All prints must be paused by 7:00 PM, and users are not permitted to leave prints running unattended beyond this time.

Support Hours

In addition to the open printing hours, designated "support hours" are established to provide users with direct assistance and guidance. These support hours are when lab staff or administrators are present to offer technical support, answer questions, and assist with troubleshooting.

During support hours, users are encouraged to seek assistance and take advantage of the expertise available to enhance their experience and ensure the efficient operation of the lab equipment.

Print Lab Staff Contacts

Mark Celestina

Student Print Lab Coordinator

 Support Hours

Blaine Nicodemus

Business Operations Manager