Design Thinking Minor


The Design Thinking Minor introduces students to new and creative ways to solve problems. Through the lens of Design Thinking, students will build a solid understanding of basic principles, processes, and applications of Design as related to a wide spectrum of disciplines. The minor consists of 15 credit hours from the department’s offerings. 9 credit hours are in courses at the 3000-level or above.

No permissions or approvals are required from the department to pursue the Design Thinking Minor, though students should alert their college or school academic advisors of their intent to complete the minor, so that the correct plan can be assigned to their records and tracked in the degree Degree Auditing Report (DAR) system.


Required Courses

Subject Course Number Title Credits Offered Autumn Offered Spring Offered Summer
DESIGN 2700 Introduction to Design Practice 3 Yes Yes  
DESIGN 2750 Design History 3 Yes Yes  
DESIGN 3105 Exploring Design Thinking 3 Yes Yes Yes
DESIGN 3305 Visualization as Thinking 3 Yes Yes Yes
DESIGN 3505 Presentation as Thinking 3 Yes Yes Yes