Past Graduate Thesis Documents


Below is a listing of recent graduate thesis documents produced by students in the Department of Design. (DAIM) indicates students from the Digital Animation and Interactive Media degree track. (DRD) indicates students from the Design Research and Development degree track. Project-based theses and the most recent thesis documents may not appear in the state library database.

Links to newer documents will be provided as they become available.


Bell, Emily – An Exploratory Lighting Study on the Effects of Correlated Color Temperature in Senior Living (DRD)
Cleaver, Dreama - Breaking the Fourth Wall: A Study of Gender Fluidity Using Immersive Storytelling as a Medium for Evoking Empathy (DAIM)
Fromme, Adam – "Co-designing with Older Adults to Create an Age-Friendly Evaluation Tool for Public Places." (DRD)
Hernandez, Abel – "Fast and Slow Fashions as seen through the Millennial Mindset." (DRD)
Hoang, Kien – "Space Tells, Space Expands, Space Acts: An Exploration of Computer Animation through Spatial Concepts." (DAIM)
Karaca, Ece – "Interactive Data Visualization: Applications used to illuminate the environmental effects of the Syrian War."  (DRD)
Lipman, Jules - "Designing for Senior Wellness: An Accuracy Technology System for Home Exercise Programs in Physical Therapy." (DRD)
Morrow, Joshua – "Co-Designing with Veteran Students:  Incorporating Co-Design Thinking to Understand Current and Future Experiences of Veterans in a University Environment." (DRD)
Venkataraman, Hemalatha – "Development of the Postcard Exchange as a Tool in the Front-End of Generative Design Research to Elicit Socio-Cultural Narratives." (DRD)
Winegardner, Zachary - "A Digital Lens for Traditional Paintings: Experiencing Complexities in Thomas Cole's The Course of Empire Series Through Time-based Visualization and Soundscape." (DAIM)


*Shah, Trisha – "Designing a New Path to Improve Inclusivity in Healthcare for the LGBTQ+ Community." (DRD)
*Turner, Craig – "Purpose-Aligned Brand: Process Tools at the Intersection of Business, Brand, & Design." (DRD)
*Udakandage, Lakshika – "Creating Characters from Natural Phenomenon using their Inherent Properties." (DAIM)


Braun, Erika. "Giving Form to Wicked Problems Using a Hybrid Design Thinking Approach in Participatory Action Research." (DRD)

Buehrer, Joseph. “Exploring narrative and science fiction through digital environments." (DAIM)

Chen, Chia-Lei (Renee). "Autoethnographic Research through Storytelling in Animation and Video Games." (DAIM)

McKenzie, David. "Prototyping with Co-designers to Imagine Future Experiences." (DRD)

Muljono, Darwin. "The Relevance of Emergence in Human-centered Design." (DRD)

Singh, Sapna. "Future and Value of Graduate Design Education." (DRD)

Tiberio, Jason. "The Dynamic and Adaptive Learning Platform: Exploring the Self-Initiated Learning Experience." (DRD)

Walker, Jacinda. "Design Journeys: Strategies for Increasing Diversity in Design Disciplines." (DRD)

Wallace, Kyle. "An Investigation of the Blurred Boundaries between Art, Craft, and Design." (DRD)

Zhao, Shumeng. "The boy who draws cats: 3D animation as a medium for telling culturally-specific ghost stories." (DAIM)


Chew, Selene Se Lui. "Designers as Entrepreneurs: An Investigation on Why Startups Need Design and Design Need Startups." (DRD)

Chow, George. "Sustainable Sanitation System for Rural Communities in India and Beyond." (DRD)

Doustmohammadi, Saeide. "Product Customization Through Digital Fabrication Technology." (DRD)

Heban, Thomas Edward. "Representations of Scale and Time: Reinterpreting Cinematic Conventions in Digital Animation to Create a Purposeful Visual Language." (DAIM)

Sanders, Emma Caitlin. "Expanding the Use Phase of Products." (DRD)

Spicer, Malory E.. "Digital Animation as a Method of Inquiry." (DAIM)


Biesboer, Allison. "The process of designing animation and motion graphics as a visual response to surveyed opinions on hyperreality, reality, and film." (DAIM)

Burns, Mikaila. "Mapping the Gap: Using Growth Opportunity Items and Principles as well as Design Thinking to Eliminate the Creative Achievement Gap." (DRD)

Hu, Lingyue. "Design Research Planning and Execution: A comparison between undergraduate design students’ and design research practitioners’ processes of design research planning and execution." (DRD)

Keller, Katharine. "Meaning Making and the Design Student: Fostering Self-Authorship in a Studio Based Design Course." (DRD)

Larrimer, Sheri. "Where Storytelling and Interactivity Meet: Designing Game Mechanics that Tell a Story." (DAIM)

Moreland, Jessica. "Design for Sustainability Transitions: An Intervention Research Study for Zero Waste Residence Halls." (DRD)

Pei, Wuyang. "Exploring Distributed Design Research." (DRD)

Taylor, William. "A Comparative Analysis of Problem Solving Approaches Between Designers and Engineers." (DRD)

Unrath, Katie C.. "Collaborative Creativity in the Physical Work Environment:  A Pre-Test, Intervention, Post-Test Case Study." (DRD)


Baker, Jeremy C.. "Observational Animation: An Exploration of Improvisation, Interactivity and Spontaneity in Animated Filmmaking." (DAIM)

Cochran, Allen J.. "A participatory action research case study: designing for a transformative service experience with a university graduate student governance organization." (DRD)

Denison, E. Scott. "When Designers Ask, 'What If?'." (DRD)

Maicher, Kellen R.. "Exploring the Relationships between Affective Character Design and Interactive Systems." (DAIM)

Ramnath, Priya. "Planned and emergent design in USA and India: a study of the impact of cultural norms on interior space." (DRD)

Strouse, Emily Elizabeth. "Collective creativity through enacting: a comparison of generative design research methods." (DRD)


Beach, Lindsay Brooke. "The Interaction of Color in the Context of Electronic Media: Providing a New Platform for Exploratory Learning in the Additive Color Space." (DRD)

Bryant, Molly E.. "Physical Environments Conducive to Creativity and Collaboration Within the Work Environment." (DRD)

Devore, Kelly C. O'Gorman. "Design Activism and Design Education: Seeds for Responsive Design Education." (DRD)

Duncan, Erin. "Design and Critical Thinking: A Process Model to Support Critical, Creative and Empathic Learning in Studio-based Design Education." (DRD)

Lemon, Nicole. "Pre-visualization in Computer Animated Filmmaking." (DAIM)

Lothrop, Thornton. "Design Drawing: An Integrated Visualization System." (DRD)

Maynard, Zachary. "Designing Compressed Narrative using a Reactive Frame: The Influence of Spatial Relationships and Camera Composition on the Temporal Structure of Story Events." (DAIM)

Reed-DesJardins, Robin. "Social Design, Field Studies and Sustainable Development: How Design Research Methods Have Been Applied to Fieldwork Study and Enable Sustainable Community Development in Three Case Studies." (DRD)

Ribeiro, Bruno B. R.. "Reshaping Visual Communication Design Curriculum to Support Collaboration with Computer Science and Engineering." (DRD)

Tippery, Gabriel J.. "Learning to Be in the Digital Era: A Holistic Learning Framework for Design Education." (DRD)

Wanjema, Richard Wachira. "Interactive Media and Cultural Heritage: Interpreting Oral Culture in a Digital Environment." (DRD)

Wiggins, Emily C.. "Creating Visual Effect: A Design Instruction Tool For Identifying Compositional Theory Components For Interior Design." (DRD)


Atallah, Joelle. "Perceptions of Public Transportation with a Focus on Older Adults." (DRD)

Benzenberg, Elizabeth Marie Acox. "Exploring Design Process Evolution in Architecture and Interior Design Firms." (DRD)

Conroy, Stephen J.. "Capturing Childhood: Exploring Imaginative Play in Animation." (DRD)

Dadgar, Majid. "Pattern Language: Identification of Design Opportunities for the Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to Develop His/Her Social Skills." (DRD)

Del Rio Kuroiwa, Susana. "Bridging Tradition and Technology: Virtual Recreation and Animation of the Peruvian Retablo." (DAIM)

Dreser, Melanie. "Design, Fun and Sustainability: Utilizing Design Research Methods to Develop and Application to Inform and Motivate Students to Make Sustainable Consumer Choices." (DRD)

Drozd, Jane Claire. "Narrative Animation and Family Memory. A Documentation of the Process for Creating the Animated Film: Garden of Memories" (DAIM)

Ganci, Aaron Michael. "Redefining the Textbook: a user-centered approach to the creation, management and delivery of digital course content in higher education." (DRD)

Hale, Ryan Nathan. "Intimate Cinema: Avant-Garde Film Influencing a Biographical Story of Discovery in Computer Animation." (DAIM)

Jones, Taurean A.. "Mobile Wayfinding: An Exploration of the Design Requirements for a Route Planning Mobile Application." (DRD)

Mattos, Alessandra C.. "Scent as a Medium for Design: An Experimental Design Inquiry." (DRD)

Simon, Miriam. "Design and Engineering of Wind-Powered Machinery for Developing Countries." (DRD)

Sondac, Mert. "Another Inconvenient Truth: An Inquiry on Sustainability, Transportation and Design." (DRD)


Cecil, Amber. "Mental Process Narrative Film: Design Techniques for Visualizing Character Psyche in Animated Shorts." (DAIM)

English, Ryan Timothy. "Designing an Anatomic-based Eyelid Rig for the Facilitation of Expressive Anthropomorphized Character Animation." (DAIM)

Lin, Meihui. "The Design of a Storage Product to Help People Live Happier and More Comfortably in Small Spaces, Based on Design Research and Environmental Psychology." (DRD)

Meyer, Kendra Louise. "Creativity in Repurposing Textiles." (DRD)

Piersanti, Joshua R.. "Online Critiques: Developing a Digital Tool to Improve the Experiences of Design Instructors and Students Critiquing Student Work in Design Courses." (DRD)

Strouse, Robert VanDevender. "Design Research in Design Education: Relevance and Implementation." (DRD)

Twohig, Mary. "The Process of Visualizing Memory in the CG Animated Film: The Games I Made Up." (DAIM)

Woolley, Elise. "Fun: An Exploration of its Relevance to Interaction Design." (DRD)

*Non-Thesis OR Thesis Projects