Past Graduate Thesis Documents

Below is a listing of recent graduate thesis documents produced by students in the Department of Design. (DAIM) indicates students from the Digital Animation and Interactive Media degree track. (DRD) indicates students from the Design Research and Development degree track. Project-based theses and the most recent thesis documents may not appear in the state library database. Links to newer documents will be provided as they become available.

  • Bowman, Amber. Co-designing a Future Home Learning Environment for a Post-Pandemic World (DRD)
  • Downie, Andrea (Simone). Once Upon a Game: Improving Motivational Factors Contributing to Aliteracy Through Arts- and Narrative-Driven, Interactive Gameplay (DAIM)
  • Gao, Jiaxing. Prevent Childhood Trauma: Using a Psychological Horror Game to Arouse Empathy (DAIM)
  • Huard, Marie-Josée. Distance Education for Design Education: Exploring Opportunities and Challenges Through Speculative Design Method (DRD)
  • Lehman, Kayla. Self in Progress: Designing an Animated Mental Health Narrative Inspired by the Principles and Aesthetics of Surrealism (DAIM)
  • Olson, Kenneth. The design process for a small group Immersive, interactive experiences: bringing storytelling to life through themed entertainment design (DAIM)
  • Souza Correa, Luiza. Redesigning Processes to induce Social Change: The African American Women’s College Application Experience (DRD)
  • Caudill, Sara. Greater Heights: An Intern’s Field Guide to Design Storytelling at NASA (DAIM)
  • Chen Yang, Muhammad Exploring the User Experience of Virtual Reality and its Integration into Design and Academia (DRD)
  • Duffield, Jason The future of social work: Using co-design to explore a hybrid model for in-person vs. online social work practice (DRD)
  • Himes, Lucas An Exploration of Interface Designs for the Dissemination of News and Information During Covid-19 (DRD)
  • Jenkins, Maya Implementing Service Design Methodology Towards the Student Journey for Mental Health Challenges (DRD)
  • Merkel, Latesha Embrace: Exploring Asexuality Through Autoethnographic Animation (DAIM)