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From our flagship Design Thinking minor to one of the many interdisciplinary minors we participate in, there is surely a way to incorporate design into just about any academic experience at Ohio State. 


The design thinking minor introduces students to new and creative ways to solve problems. Through the lens of design thinking, students will build a solid understanding of basic principles, processes and applications of design as related to a wide spectrum of disciplines. 

Design Thinking Minor Overview  

Our Design Thinking Minor Courses


The game studies minor introduces students to an interdisciplinary approach to understanding what games are, how they are made, how to interpret games as critical narratives, and how to understand the roles they play in society.

Game Studies Minor Overview  

Our Game Studies Minor Courses


Students can choose their own path through the minor – either a general selection of five courses or a selection that focuses on a particular period or artistic tradition, in consultation with a History of Art faculty advisor. For instance, students could choose courses that focus on the arts of a geographic region such as Europe, North America, East Asia, or Latin America, or on a particular period of art history, such as Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern, or Modern/Contemporary.

History of Art Minor Overview  

Our History of Art Minor Courses


The minor in entrepreneurship and innovation is administered by the Fisher College of Business, with collaboration from the College of Arts and Sciences' Department of Design and the College of Engineering. Designed for capturing the economic value in creative ideas for commercially viable products and services, the minor encourages exploration into personal career opportunities through entrepreneurial studies and develops specific competencies in the creation, growth and leadership of entrepreneurial enterprises.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor Overview  

Our Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor Courses


The interdisciplinary minor in public health and the arts combines coursework in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Public Health with the goal of promoting an understanding that community well-being encompasses many aspects of daily living and not just individual behavior.

Public Health and the Arts Minor Overview  

Our Public Health and the Arts Minor Courses


The Animation minor is primarily a studio-based curriculum of courses designed to build a portfolio of animation work, developing both creative and technical skills. The minor seeks to hone the varied skillset needed for this complex, time-based art form, mixing drawing, 3D modeling, motion, and storytelling.

Students can build breadth and depth into their experience by taking a range of classes in both animation fundamentals and specialized techniques, across the Department of Art, the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD), the Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts, the Department of Design, and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Animation Minor Overview  

Our Animation Minor Courses