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Design Media II for Interior Design

DESIGN 3452: Design Media II for Interior Design

Intermediate-level digital, three-dimensional modeling and visualization strategies for Interior Design.
Credit Hours

Prerequisite: Admission to Bachelor of Science in Design - Interior Design program; or permission of instructor.


This is an introductory interior design course with a primary focus on visual communication as it pertains to architectural spaces. This course is to provide students with tools in order to gain a practical and conceptual understanding of the graphic presentation of information. These principles will be examined through the lens of both the academic and professional setting. Various methods of graphic representation will be explored primarily through the Revit software. Through a series of smaller, fast-paced projects, students will develop an understanding of how to set up and create architectural documentation for interior spaces. This course works in conjunction with the design 3102 studio to establish core visualization skills for interior design


The primary objective for this course is to demonstrate:
  • Familiarity with effective design processes to understand complex problems as a system of interconnected issues (CIDA standards 8a, c, f, g)
  • To understand the importance of objective visual communication (CIDA standards 9d, e, f, g)
  • To explore a range of two and three-dimensional design solutions using a variety of media (CIDA standards 11b)
  • To develop skills in rendering and understand the art and science of light and color in order to enhance the human experience
    (CIDA standards 12b, i, j, l)
  • To understand the formats, components, and accepted standards for an integrated and comprehensive set of interior construction documents (CIDA standards 15a, h)

Course Materials

  • All required readings are provided on Carmen

Course Organization

This is a 3 credit hour course that meets twice per week

Sample Coursework

Students can expect:
  • Attendance to be taken
  • Group discussions

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