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Design Media II for Visual Communication Design

DESIGN 3453: Design Media II for Visual Communication Design

Digital, web-communications, user-interface and user-experience strategies for Visual Communication Design.
Credit Hours

Prerequisite: Admission to Bachelor of Science in Design - Visual Communication Design program; or permission of instructor.

Keywords: Motion graphics, time-based composition, sound, kinetic media


This course aims to expand the student’s design vocabulary through motion, transition, sound, and time-based composition. The application of kinetic media will enable the designer to add motion, scale change, sequence, metamorphosis, and context (mood) to communication and responsive systems. Students will develop time / movement-related projects using semantic strategies to enhance visual form, meaning, and communication


Upon completion of this course, students should be able to do the following:
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply motion design as a strategic art direction
  • Make appropriate decisions about designing with motion for screen-based work
  • Apply appropriate software for particular explorations or as part of a clear workflow
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply principles of gestalt-based design to motion graphics

Required Textbook

  • Stone, R. Brian and Leah Wahlin: The Theory and Practice of Motion Design

Course Organization

This is a 3 credit hour course that meets twice a week for 2:40 each day

Sample Coursework

Students can expect:
  • Attendance and participation required

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