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Presentation as Thinking

DESIGN 3505: Presentation as Thinking

An overview of concepts, processes and modes of presenting information to create effective printed and digital communications.
Credit Hours

Prerequisites: Open to all students eligible to enroll undergraduate Ohio State coursework. 

Keywords: design thinking, design, graphic design, presentation, critique



How can I improve how I communicate information?
How do I choose between fonts when I am designing something?
How can I use graphics to support my presentations?
How can I improve my design skills?
What do good design compositions look like?


The aim of this course is to learn to leverage visual literacy in communication. It introduces students to design principles that foster efficient and effective communication. This course also teaches how to present and critique work, so as either presenter or reviewer, students can offer valuable insights that lead to improvement.

This course introduces concepts for the design of presentations, including adopting the mindset required for thinking like a designer. It provides opportunities to learn about and practice design methods, tools, and encourages their application to visual problems.


  • Discuss concepts and practices of visual information presentation
  • Apply working principles of visual information presentation to basic types of printed, display, and screen-based communications;
  • Organize and analyze disparate information into messages that make sense;
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of various means for relating to others and empathizing with users;
  • Navigate collaborative engagements and group dynamics.

Course Materials    

No additional costs. All course materials will be provided.

Students will be using different kinds software, but no technical knowledge is required.

Course Organization

This is a 3 credits course that meets synchronously twice a week for 1:20 each day.
Both in-person and online options are available.

Sample Coursework    

  • Weekly assignments will be assigned that focus on applying design principles
  • Discussion boards will help students form and share their own perspectives
  • Quizzes will also document progress


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