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Design Example Course

DESIGN 9999: Design Example Course

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Credit Hours

Prerequisite: Selection to Design Foundations. 
Concur: DESIGN 0000.


Course Description

This course explores the relationship between visual design and the field of information visualization. It presents design strategies of how information can be structured and visualized to create effective communications and to stimulate viewer attention and engagement.

Students will practice information design by exploring the implications of cognitive principles, communication theories, design thinking and aesthetic principles, semiotic systems in order to develop skills to analyze and design effective information visualization and communication.

Learning Objectives

  • Conduct basic research, data collection, data filtering and analysis.
  • Discern patterns and relationships of quantified and qualified data with visualization methods. 
  • Understand visual design process and design principles.
  • Create compelling visual representations of the information that tell a good data story.
  • Become familiar with the technological, social, and practical aspects of information design and data visualization from history to the present.

Texts, Materials and Costs

In the interest of prioritizing the affordability of this course, no textbook or materials are required for purchase. All readings and multimedia materials will be available through the course web site. Access to internet and a reliable device is necessary.

Course Organization

This is a studio course that requires attendance in-person. The course curriculum encompasses lectures, projects, skill-focused assignments, and reading reflections and discussions.  

Specific section offering information can be found in the Course Catalog & Master Schedule


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