COVID-19 Information


The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University has consolidated information regarding keeping our communities safe. This website is available at

The Ohio State University releases news officially through Ohio State News. This website is available at

The Office of Human Resources has consolidated information regarding working through COVID-19. This website is available at

The Office of Distance Education and eLearning has consolidated information regarding temporary remote teaching resources. This website is available at

The Office of Distance Education and eLearning has consolidated information regarding temporary remote learning resources. This website is available at

The Office of Research has issued guidance for continuing research programs under current circumstances. Guidance on this topic can be found here:

All undergraduate students living in university housing will be asked to schedule a move-out time between Saturday, March 14, and Sunday, March 22.  Information will be available at

 Commencement and Special Events will make any decisions surrounding the upcoming May Commencement and will use their site to distribute information. This website is available at

The suspension of face-to-face teaching and other campus activities will also disrupt the experience of community that is a vital part of any university. If you find yourself feeling isolated, anxious or overwhelmed, please know that there are resources to help:

The College of Arts and Sciences

The overarching response from the College of Arts and Sciences currently is:
"The safety of our community is our top priority. We realize that our COVID-19 policy guidelines will cause disruption, but the risk of not acting outweighs the inconvenience of these temporary measures. We will share updates as more information becomes available."

The College of Arts and Sciences have consolidated information regarding updates, resources and information for students. This website is available at

The Office of Career and Professional Success have transitioned many of their resources online, including VMock, Career Coaching, Handshake, and Virtual Events. These resources are available at

The Graduate School


The Department of Design


Online learning 

Instructors are working hard to transition your learning experiences to an online format. You will receive information from each of your teachers about the forms those courses will take. Please make your instructors aware if you have limited access to the internet or computational devices that are insufficient to perform required assignments. If you do not have a means of contacting your instructor via the internet, please call the main office (614-292-6746) so that we can make them aware of the situation. We are committed to providing everyone with an opportunity to be successful in their courses, even if we have to modify specific requirements to accommodate your circumstances. 

Studio and locker clean-out

Please remove all of your personal belongings from our classrooms and lockers by 5 pm on March 22, 2020 if you can. Please place any unusual material or trash into appropriate receptacles as part of this process, and put your chairs on top of your desks. Rooms will be prepared for the next semester after that date. Any personal equipment or materials that remain in the spaces or lockers will be retrieved by university personnel and recycled at that time, just as we have done in the past at the end of spring semester. 

The department will also create and communicate a plan for allowing students to retrieve belongings from Hayes Hall at a later date once the ability to staff our building is restored.

Undergraduate Advising

Even though our systems have moved online temporarily, it is easy to communicate with Gabe Tippery. He will be working in office on a modified schedule of 7:30am-3:30pm.

  • Slack: Notifications are on from 7:30am-8pm. General questions that all benefit from in #advising. DM for individual concerns. 
  • Phone Appointments: Two ways to schedule: 

    1. Call 614-292-6961 Monday - Friday 8am-5pm Ohio time. 
    2. Log into to self schedule 24/7/365.

  • Zoom Appointments: Schedule these the same you would a phone appointment. Then send a DM on Slack to Gabe and request zoom. He will confirm with details. He may also reach out requesting to move a phone appointment to zoom if screen sharing might be particularly useful. 

  • Email: This is still an option and if circumstances make the the best option for you use it. That stated, there is a very high volume of information moving through email at the moment and email is currently only triaged once per day at 7:30am. 

Prospective Student Visits

All Prospective Undergraduate Student Visits have been cancelled. Prospective students may feel free to Call 1-614-292-6961 Monday - Friday 8am-5pm Eastern to schedule a phone appointment with Gabe Tippery. 



The source for all general information for graduate students at Ohio State is the Graduate School. The most recent guidance from the dean can be found above.

First Year Reviews

If you are in the 2019-2020 MFA class, you will still be required to make a presentation at the end of the spring semester. Due to current restrictions on campus use, we will define how this activity will occur by 3/31/20. You can expect to receive specific instructions about our modified process by that date. We will create an electronically fillable form for use at the successful completion of your First Year Review. Please direct your questions about the process to Dr. Peter Chan (chan.179), our Graduate Program Chair.

Second Year Reviews

If you are in the 2018-2019 MFA class and do not plan to complete your degree in spring semester, you are required to hold a Second Year Review meeting with your advising committee. This meeting should occur before the official end of spring semester. Details about the requirements for the second year review can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook on our web site (p. 10). We will create an electronically fillable form to be completed at the time of the successful conclusion of your Second Year Review.

Use of space

As of 3/13/20, facilities in Hayes Hall are not available for use by students. You are welcome to come to the graduate studio to retrieve your needed belongings at any time. Please remove all items from the floor and any belongings that you wish to remain in the space should be on desk tops and clearly labeled. Floors will be cleaned in the space at some point before the start of next year.

Access to software/equipment loan

We are aware that some of you require access to specialized equipment and/or software to advance your research. We are exploring solutions to this problem and will communicate with you directly when decisions are made. 

Graduate research

If you are in the middle of conducting research, work with your advisor to determine whether any of the restrictions on and off campus will impact your plan. For some of you, a new timeline may have to be created and it is too soon to know how this impact on your ability to complete your degree will be addressed by the Graduate School. While we await more specific information about circumstances like this will be navigated by the university, we encourage you to use this time to work on the parts of your thesis that can be developed and completed now.

GTA expectations

Those of you who are employed as Graduate Teaching Associates remain on duty through spring semester and are expected to be available online to assist our instructors for 20 hours per week. You can expect to receive instructions about what is needed from the instructors you assist by 3/16/20. 

Plans for graduating

If you are planning to graduate this semester or this summer, yesterday’s guidance from the Graduate School advised that thesis exams are still to be held as usual, although there will be more leeway with attending exams via Zoom as long as the appropriate forms are completed (they are found in GRADFORMS on the Grad School web site). Communicate with your advisor and watch for messages from them. Please make sure that Polly Graham (graham.311) receives the date and time of your exam as soon as you schedule.  



The 2020 Spring Exhibition at the Urban Arts Space, and all associated receptions, has been cancelled. An online exhibition will be accessed through our web site soon.



Points of contact for help with instructional matters 

Once you have reviewed the resources at, use the following points of contact in this order to request assistance with any problems you encounter:

  1. ODEE:
  2. ASC Tech (614-688-HELP)
  3. Christopher Summers ( from ASC Tech

Access to additional resources

“Department of Design Distance Learning Documentation” folder in Buckeye Box

Communication with area coordinators

You are encouraged to communicate with the coordinator of the curricular area in which you teach if you wish to follow similar protocols in your online teaching. The area coordinators are:

  • Dr. Sebastien Proulx (Industrial Design): proulx.12
  • Associate Professor Jeff Haase (Interior Design): haase.3
  • Professor Paul Nini or Dr. Peter Chan (Visual Communication Design): nini.1 or chan.189
  • Deb Scott (Design Foundations): scott.1765
  • Professor Paul Nini (Design Thinking Minor): nini.1

Use of offices/facilities

You are encouraged to retrieve needed belongings from your office spaces as soon as possible. Please maintain safe distances from others if you come to campus. It is no longer possible to use any facilities in Hayes, Hopkins, Denney, or Sullivant Hall to conduct work as of 3/17/20.

Working with GTAs

If you are assisted by a graduate student, please communicate with that student about your modified expectations for how they can assist you with online instruction by 3/16/20.

Modified meeting schedule and approach

Departmental faculty meetings are postponed indefinitely. Information related to agenda items/departmental business will be sent to faculty members for consideration/feedback on a weekly basis.

Departmental committee meetings will continue to follow the pre-established schedule, using Zoom for online discussion. 

Peer review of teaching

Peer teaching reviews that have not happened yet this semester will be rescheduled to Autumn, 2020. If you were scheduled for a teaching review and prefer to have a review of your online teaching, you may request one. The chairperson of the peer teaching review committee is Liz Sanders (sanders.82).

Changes to staffing schedule

Our administrative staff members will telecommute until further notice. Each staff member can be reached via e-mail, Slack, Skype for Business, or phone:

  • Steve Pruchnicki.3 614-292-8102
  • Polly Graham.311 614-688-4791
  • Gabe Tippery.2 614-292-2637


Guidelines for healthy workplace practices under new conditions

As we convert to online instruction, it may be tempting to feel like you must always be available to your students. At this time, especially, it is important to remember our department’s commitment to valuing health and happiness, including the need for personal time for faculty, staff, and the students too. Please define reasonable limits for your availability online, and communicate them clearly to your students. Encourage students to also set aside specific times in which to engage their learning material in a systematic way. Provide students with expectations for how much time their learning activities online will take each week, and be sure to do the same for yourselves. Holding shorter but more frequent online office hours might be a good way to mitigate the need to respond to questions on a continual basis. Making routine announcements on your Carmen course sites could be an efficient way to address similar questions that you receive from multiple stakeholders.


Keep Our Campus Healthy

The best way to prevent the spread of any type of infection is to practice routine hygiene etiquette:

  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water. Use alcohol hand rub as a backup.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or a tissue when you sneeze or cough. Throw away your tissue after one use.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • If you are ill, stay home. Keep a safe 6-foot distance from others to prevent disease spread.
  • If you are seriously ill, seek medical advice.
  • Complete and stay up-to-date on your Ohio State vaccination requirements.

For more information, visit