Design MFA Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find information about your Design MFA Graduate Program?

Details about our MFA Graduate Program can be found on our website under Graduate Studies at

Do you offer a Master degree in Industrial, Interior, or Visual Communication Design?

Our MFA degree is interdisciplinary and collaborative in nature and not specifically focused on one of these three areas (i.e. Visual Communication, Industrial or Interior Design).  We offer two graduate program tracks. One in Design Research and Development. The other in Digital Animation and Interactive Media.

What is the application process and deadline dates to apply?  

Information about the process and deadlines can be found under Graduate Application Process at

Do you require GRE scores?  

The GRE is not required if your cumulative GPA is 3.0 or higher based on the 4.0 scale.

Do you accept hardcopies of my Statement of Intent, CV, Portfolio, Transcripts and the three Recommendation Letters?

No. Our application process is completely online.

What is required in the Statement of Intent?

Requirements for the Graduate Application Process at 

What are the Portfolio requirements?

Requirements for the Graduate Application Process at 

Do you offer any fellowships, associateships or scholarships?

University Fellowships and department Graduate Associateships are available.  Details are found under Financial Aid for Graduate Students at

Can I schedule a visit and meeting to discuss the MFA Graduate Program?

We offer virtual Graduate Studies Information Sessions (typically held in October and November).  Information can be found at  Individual meetings can be arranged by contacting one of our faculty listed at Design Directory.  On the right side of the page you will be able to search by specific appointments and areas of expertise. 

Is it possible to complete a Design master degree in less than two years?

Our MFA requires 60 hour credits which is very difficult to complete in less than two years.  Details on page 5 in our Design Graduate Handbook

Is it possible to be a Design graduate student and also work a full-time job?

That would be quite challenging and would depend on how flexible your job/employer is.  Design MFA graduate students are required to attend our daytime classes (no online courses) and also meet with their advisors on a regularly basis outside scheduled class times.

Do you accept the IELTS test scores in place of TOEFL?

Yes, our graduate program follows what is acceptable by the University and can be found on the Graduate and Professional Admissions website  The official test scores are sent from ETS directly to OSU Graduate and Professional Admissions.

What are the tuition, fees and living expenses?

Estimated tuition and living expenses can be found on the Graduate and Professional Admissions website at