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Suggested Elective Courses

This is a list of possible graduate elective courses offered on the Columbus Campus this academic year. Courses often have required prerequisites. Contacting instructors to discuss course content prior to enrolling is encouraged.
ART 5101: Aspects of Art and Technology II (Autumn)
ART 5215: Social / Documentary Photography (Spring)
ACCAD 6002: Computer Game Art and Design I (Autumn)
ACCAD 7001: Virtual Modeling (Autumn)
ARCH 5290: Topics in Architectural Theory (Spring)
ARTEDUC 5670: Public Policy and the Arts (Autumn)
ARTEDUC 5795: Seminar on Topical Issues in Art Education (Spring)
ARTEDUC 7000.10: Concepts, Theories, and Issues in Art Education (Autumn & Summer)
BUSML 7201: Marketing Research and Analytics (Spring)
BUSML 7202: Consumer Behavior (Autumn)
BUSMGT 7251: Managing Product and Process Innovation (Autumn)
BUSMGT 8231: Strategic Management of Operations II (Autumn)
COMM 6760: Communication Research Methods (Autumn)
COMLDR 5430: Professional Leadership Ethics (Community Leadership Program) (Autumn & Spring)
COMPSTD 7360: Theorizing Culture (Comparative Studies) (Autumn)
CRPLAN 6610: Grant Writing in the Public Sector (Autumn)
CRPLAN 5890: Workshop in City and Regional Planning (Spring)
CRPLAN 5010: Historic Preservation (Autumn)
CSE 5043: Overview of Computer Systems For Non-Majors (Autumn & Spring)
CSE 5052: Survey of Artificial Intelligence for Non-Majors (Spring)
CSE 5432: Mobile Handset Systems and Networking (Spring)
CSE 5243: Introduction to Data Mining (Autumn & Spring)
CSE 5501: Social, Ethical, and Professional Issues in Computing (Autumn, Spring & Summer)
CSE 5521: Survey of Artificial Intelligence I: Basic Techniques  (Autumn & Spring)
CSE 5524: Computer Vision for Human-Computer Interaction (Autumn)
CSE 5544: Introduction to Data Visualization (Autumn & Spring)
DESIGN 5453: VCD Design Media 4 (Spring)
DESIGN 5552: INT Technology 4 (Spring)
DESIGN 5800.01: Design DAIM Seminar (Spring)
ENR 5600: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (Spring)
ENR 8400: Human Dimensions of Ecosystems Management (Autumn)
GEOG 5501: Urban Spaces in the Global Economy (Autumn)
GEOG 5401: Economies, Space, and Society (Autumn)
ISE 5610: Ergonomics in the Product Design Process (Autumn)
LARCH 2780/7890: Landscape Architecture Topics Seminar (Autumn & Spring)
PSYCH 6870: Basic Principles of Social Psychology (Autumn)
PSYCH 7897: Topical Seminar in Social Psychology (Spring)
PUBAFRS 7501: Grant Writing in the Public Sector (Autumn)
PUBAFRS 7509: Disasters: Preparedness and Response (Spring)
SOCIOL 6655: Sociological Research Methods (Autumn)
SOCIOL 7756: Sociology of Immigration (Spring)
THEATRE 5321: Video Production I (Autumn & Spring)
THEATRE 5331: Screenwriting (Autumn & Spring)
THEATRE 6701: Research Methods (Autumn)
NOTE:  Course offerings may change.  Check with the specific department for any updates, prerequisites or new course offerings.