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Mesa is an interactive animation that explores concepts of human impact on ecological wellbeing and habitat loss using non-linear storytelling methods and real-time computer graphics. Powered by the Unreal game engine and various other mixed reality platforms, we seek to explore habitat loss from the point-of-view of wildlife, giving the user a non-human-centric perspective of environmental degradation. 


Interactive Animation; Non-linear Storytelling; Real-Time Game Engine; Unreal 

Advising Team/Lab 

Kyoung Lee Swearingen 
Scott Swearingen
Animation & Games Research Group 

Profile Description and Preferred Qualifications 

Student having strong foundational knowledge and experience in either game design, programming, animation, or 3D computer graphics is preferred. The student should also have a desire to explore real-time game engines in the creation of new modes of storytelling, non-linear narratives, and other interactive media.