2014 Design Exhibition web-site launched

June 17, 2014
Promotional display of the Design Exhibition

The Department of Design has recently launched a website devoted to its 2014 exhibition, which was on display at the OSU Urban Arts Space from 26 March to 3 April.

If you were unable to attend the exhibition or one of the evening events, this site will allow you to view the various student projects that were exhibited.

Thesis projects from students in the Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Visual Communication Design undergraduate major programs are included, as is thesis work from students in the MFA program tracks in Design Research+Development and Digital Animation+Interactive Media.

The site was created by graduating Visual Communication Design students, under the direction of Professor Paul Nini. Promotional materials for the 2014 exhibition were designed by alum Mike Greenler (VCD, 2008).

Shopping cart and bag for clothing stores, by Xiao Yan

Industrial Design student Xiao Yan - Shopping Bag and Cart for clothing stores.

Creative hub space designed by Golnaz Motamedi

Interior Design student Golnaz Motamedi - The Creative Hub in East Franklinton.

Digital voting ballot design by Mike Booher

Visual Communication Design student Mike Booher - Ballot: a digital resource to assist young adults with the voting process.

Visual exploration of hyperreal imagery designed by Allison Biesboer

MFA student Allison Biesboer - Diversa, a visual exploration of distinct modes of hyperreal imagery and motion graphics.