ACADAOS Advisor of the Month, Gabe Tippery - Again

October 6, 2015

The Department of Design would like to congratulate our Academic Advisor, Gabe Tippery, on being named the ACADAOS Advisor of the Month for September 2015. 

Gabe not only provides great advising to Design major program students, he also advises their student group, Design Circle, and assists students in securing internships and study abroad opportunities.

He also provides great information to potential, visiting students and their families, walking them through our selective admissions policies. He keeps the dept web-site up to date and gets news out through our social media outlets. Gabe is an invaluable member of our team in Design, and well-deserving of recognition for his efforts.

While he was nominated by faculty and staff previously for his award of ACADAOS Advisor of the Month for October 2014, this time he was nominated by his students. The following are annonomous qoutes from his nominations. 

"Gabe is an absolutely amazing adviser. He gets to know every student in the design department by name and goes the extra mile to help out a student in need. Gabe is always there when you need him, weather it is for scheduling advise or to be an ear to listen to your life problems. He helps out in any way he can and really cares about the student body and making everyone happy. He deserves to be recognized as a great adviser!"

"He genuinely cares for the students in the design department. He's kind of an older brother to us students!"

"Gabe is always so ready and willing to help with any problem I have. I always see him walking around the design building, checking in with students and classes. I think it's really neat how he takes the time to get to know students and will sit back and have conversations with them about anything. And it really feels like he listens to our concerns about classes, the program, our career, etc. He's a great advisor!"

ACADAOS is an organization for advisors and run by advisors. They provide support and professional development opportunities for academic advisors at Ohio State.