Department of Design Spring Exhibition 2021 - Best in Show

April 29, 2021

Department of Design Spring Exhibition 2021 - Best in Show

2021 Department of Design Spring Exhibit

This year’s graduating design students have created an exciting range of senior projects and each represents a new and inspiring way of looking at how to use design to address an emerging need in the world.

The Department of Design is pleased to announce the students whose projects have been selected as this year’s Best in Show. Congratulations to Ruohan Wang (Industrial Design), Olivia Forsyth (Interior Design), and Sarah Martin (Visual Communication Design)! 

Ruohan Wang (Industrial Design)

Ruohan Wang’s project is entitled XIU combines the design of physical products and a learning app to help preserve traditional Kam embroidery skills. 

Olivia Forsyth (Interior Design)

Olivia Forsyth’s project is the design of a community-based multi-generational fashion makers’ space called Franklinton Fabrix. 

Sarah Martin (Visual Communication Design)

Sarah Martin’s interest in the climate crisis is showcased in her project called “Envision,” which images an augmented reality app that is delivered in partnership with National Geographic.


Works by these students have been selected by a panel of jurors representing the three design professions. We are grateful to Sean Svendsen, Katie Kurz, Stephanie Owens, Caterina Rizzoni, Kayla Nickley, Mark Bryan, Brian Seitz, P’ Elizabeth Koelker, Trisha Shah Das, Juan Pablo Trujillo, Tara Brewster, Madison Rhodes for the time and effort they put into the review of all of the projects this year!

Please view the winning projects along with all of the other wonderful submissions at