Dominique Flaksberg Travels to Brazil for Design Research

September 26, 2023

Dominique Flaksberg Travels to Brazil for Design Research

Dominique Flaksberg

Dominique Flaksberg is an MFA student in the Design Research and Development program at Ohio State. As an Earth-Centered designer, Dominique is researching ways in which people can learn, teach, and practice design from an Earth-Centered perspective. This considers the Earth’s natural systems in the process of designing beyond human life.

During the summer of 2023, Dominique visited Tekoa Ivy Pora in Sao Paulo. It's an indigenous community of the Guarani (indigenous peoples of South America), where the pace of life feels nourishing and relaxing. Indigenous communities have been an integral part to the health and biodiversity wellness of the planet. The Guarani have an abundance of knowledge and wisdom passed down from their ancestors on how to live in an Earth-Centered way. Learning from them allowed Dominique to connect to a cosmovision and culture that lives in design through an Earth-Centered perspective. This research helped her better understand how design processes can be developed in a way that is more aligned with the health of the Earth.

Dominique grew up in Sao Paulo and also had local community connections through her faculty advisor. She was thrilled to reconnect with family and friends stating, “It was exciting to connect to the community and learn from different community leaders and organizers, who generously welcomed me into the space and shared their work and wisdom with me.”  

Fruit from Sao Paulo


Photo of Guarani walking in the forest


Interior image of building in Sao Paulo


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