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Internship Spotlight - Sarah Bonnett at Ohio State Facility Planning and Design

February 28, 2024

Internship Spotlight - Sarah Bonnett at Ohio State Facility Planning and Design

Sarah Bonnett

Sarah Bonnett is a fourth-year Interior Design student. Sarah started her internship at The Ohio State University Department of Facility Planning and Design in January 2023 and she is currently in this role. Throughout her time in this position, Sarah has been actively engaged in collaborating with Ohio State's interior designers, contributing to various stages of the design process. Her responsibilities encompass a range of tasks, including 3D modeling, and the development of floor plans, elevations, and renderings. Sarah collaborates with other Planning & Design Students and full-time staff by conducting research on finish materials and furniture products, as well as assisting in project planning. Her role extends to performing surveys, obtaining field measurements, and coordinating furniture deliveries. 

Sarah takes great pride in her collaborative work with the interior design team, gaining valuable insights into the decision-making processes that impact student living spaces on Ohio State's campus. Sarah stated, “One of my favorite parts of my job is seeing the decision making process that goes into designing student living spaces on campus. I obviously lived in dorms for two years, so I feel like I have a personal stake in the quality of the work we do. I also work with such a great team of people who care about campus and Ohio State as a whole.” 

Ohio State Facility Planning and Design is responsible for all facets of planning and implementation of improvements to Student Life’s physical footprint. They provide environments that enhance the experience of Ohio State's students and support Student Life departments and staff in the fulfillment of their missions.

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