From Mediated Experience to Sense of Place awarded Arts & Humanities Larger Grant

January 22, 2015
Sullivant Hall Lobby

Congratulations to Professor Mary Anne Beecher and Professor Maria Palazzi for receiving a $15,000 “Arts & Humanities Larger Grant: Continuing and Completion” from the OSU College of Arts and Sciences. The awarded proposal, entitled “From Mediated Experience to Sense of Place: Seeding the Campus Environment to Reveal Hidden Stories,” will expand an on-going multidisciplinary collaborative effort to research, document and share the many histories of The Ohio State University’s recently renovated Sullivant Hall. This place-based project celebrates the reinvigorated life of Sullivant Hall and its history by embedding the building’s interior environment with beacon technology that will enable access to a database of narratives about the building using smart devices.  The researchers’ goals include providing alternative means of navigating the building that offer virtual experiences of place that put occupants with smart devices in touch with the building’s history in a dynamic way. The additional new funding will support increased technical assistance and the expansion of the collection of data to be integrated into the database.