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Melsop to speak at EDSA Design Days, Zaragoza, Spain

March 1, 2024

Melsop to speak at EDSA Design Days, Zaragoza, Spain

EDSA Design Days, Zaragoza, Spain

Design, Social Innovation & Sustainability [DESIS] | March 11-12

During spring break, Associate Professor Susan Melsop will be joining international scholars for the 3rd annual ESDA Social Design Days in Zaragoza, Spain. Melsop was invited as a guest speaker and contributing scholar for the launch of a new DESIS Research Cluster titled ‘Practice and Education in Design for Social Change from the Margins’. The new cluster hosted by Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón brings design scholars together from around the world who are working, teaching, and conducting engaged scholarship with and for those experiencing vulnerable situations and living at the margins. Melsop will present ethical considerations and lessons learned designing with and alongside the National Movement for the Street Population (Nacional Movimento de População da Rua, PopRua) in São Paulo, Brazil from 2016-2019. Additionally, Melsop will co-host a workshop on social justice design and serve as a panelist on the closing day.

Ohio State Design’s DESIS lab is connected to the international DESIS network which is strong and growing –-Melsop’s invitation demonstrates this! In 2023, the DESIS Network added 3 more DESIS Labs and recently launched a new research cluster. You can learning more about the DESIS network at https://desisnetwork.org/.

The upcoming 2024 DESIS activities promise to be an enriching, educational, and impactful experiences in the field of Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability. 

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