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MFA Alumnus Taurean Jones featured in Ohio State Alumni Magazine

October 5, 2023

MFA Alumnus Taurean Jones featured in Ohio State Alumni Magazine

Taurean Jones

Design Research and Development, 2011

Taurean Jones was featured in Ohio State Alumni Magazine. He is the Director of Design at Intuit with several years of experience leading product design, graphic design, and design education.

"Since Ohio State, I’ve landed in very technical machine-learning, AI, developer experience organizations [Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Intuit]. And I found I thrived — even though it was hard as hell — because in the middle of all the functionality, I could still advocate for what humans need and resolve their pain points through human-centered design.  I will never forget how one of my colleagues said, ‘Art is selfish because you do it for yourself, but then design is selfless.’ It’s on behalf of another human. And I’m still intrigued by the idea of doing something on behalf of another human to better the experience or the life for someone else."

In addition to this technical design work at Google, he is a passionate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) leader, setting initiatives and driving equitable/inclusive outcomes for underrepresented groups in and outside of Google. Taurean serves on the Informatics Advisory Board at the University of Washington iSchool, where he partners with the institution to accelerate the design education opportunities for program students.

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