MFA Graduate Student Spotlight: Mila Gajic

September 28, 2023

MFA Graduate Student Spotlight: Mila Gajic

Mila Gajic

Welcome to the Department of Design’s graduate student feature highlighting the work and accomplishments of our MFA students!  This week features Mila Gajic. Mila is a third year MFA candidate in Digital Animation and Interactive Media.  

What are your areas of expertise, and what is your current research project?   

I specialize in visual design, 3D modeling, and interactive experiences. I am exploring ways to express my personal narrative and related interests through a series of interactive 3D spaces. It includes a mixture of virtual and augmented reality.   

What challenges or topics are you looking to address through design?   

My research explores how virtual environments can enhance our physical surroundings and become blended with real world experiences to communicate information, or to engage in an activity. I would like to address how we can create a sense of personal presence and belonging within virtual 3D spaces. 

Who or what inspires your work?   

I am inspired by various artists and designers working in Art + Technology and New Media, and by the creative potential of interactive technologies to unpack certain ideas, though many ideas I pursue come from unrelated aspects, being mostly personal. I ask myself how everyday life can be reimagined by what I do professionally.

What academic achievements are you most proud of? 

I presented a collaborative animation project at the Satellite Art Show during Miami Art Week, and I am proud of being in the Design MFA program. Being a Graduate Research Associate for the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) has given me the opportunity to work on several projects.  

What are your long-term career goals?   

I aspire to work as an interactive media designer with a focus on mixed reality. I want to be a part of meaningful projects that have inspired me to join this field. I love creating assets and environments, though I also enjoy brainstorming and making decisions on how experiences should be structured.  

What attracted you to the Design MFA program at Ohio State?

I was attracted to the program due to its multidisciplinary nature, and the resources available to pursue specific interests. I was looking for a well-balanced mixture of explorative and research-focused creative projects. I was also impressed by the faculty expertise, and I had many similar research interests.  

What are some highlights of your experience at Ohio State?   

A highlight is the ACCAD Open House. My Graduate Research Associateship at ACCAD has provided several opportunities to present my personal work, and other projects, to the public and those within the university. I have always valued those interactions, and spending time with my cohort.  


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