Ohio State Ranked Number One in Animation

June 8, 2015
Here Be Giants

The Ohio State University has been ranked number one in the top 25 animation schools and colleges in the Midwest by Animation Career Review, an online source for aspiring animation, design and gaming professionals. Ranked number 2 last year, Ohio State moved up to the top spot based on criteria that included academic reputation, admission selectivity, depth and breath of the programs and faculty, value and geographic location.
The resource recognized Ohio State’s programs in the Department of Art and Department of Design, and the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD).
It recognized the Department of Art’s BFA and MFA degrees, which offer an emphasis in art and technology that allows students to study 3D modeling and animation, art games, digital imaging and more. It also pointed out the Department of Design’s MFA program with a track of study in digital animation and interactive media, recognizing that it operates in conjunction with ACCAD and its world-class facilities and technical expertise as an interdisciplinary research center.
The ranking concluded by saying, “Many graduates of the design program have animated and directed some of the best-known works of studios such as Pixar and DreamWorks, while others go on to explore the application of animation and interactive media to game design and emerging approaches to visualization within a full range of disciplines and industries.”
In the rankings, Columbia College in Chicago was number 2; Purdue came in at number 5 and Columbus College of Art and Design was number 9.