March 19, 2020


Ohio State Design Madness Bracket

COVID-19 may have canceled the annual NCAA Men's Basketball tournament, but we here at Ohio State Design are not going to let that spoil our bracket based fun. 

Several weeks back, a small and elite team of second-year Visual Communication Design students told us they wanted to figure out what the Ohio State Design community felt was the absolute best typeface around right now. They worked with their faculty to select and rank the top 64 options -- 32 Serifs and 32 San Serifs. We hatched a plan, and now we present to you... 

Design Madness 2020

Ohio State Design Madness Bracket


Starting March 23, we will be posting polls to our Instagram Stories (@TheOhioStateDesign) and we need you to to vote each day. Your votes will determine which typefaces move on from each round and your votes will determine which will win it all! 

You can download a printable version of the bracket if you'd like to make your own predictions. Feel free to share them using #OSUDesignMadness if you like.


There are no prizes other than the type-nerdy pride of seeing your favorites keep winning. Once a match up is posted to our story, you will only have 24 hours to get your votes in. Be sure to follow us on Instagram now so you do not miss any of the excitement and tell the other typophiles you know to do the same! 


2020 Competition Schedule

Stage of 64 

VOTING: Monday, March 23 to Thursday, March 26

RESULTS: Friday, March 27

Stage of 32 

VOTING: Monday, March 30 to Tuesday, March 31

RESULTS: Wednesday, April 01

Stage of 16 

VOTING: Thursday, April 02

RESULTS: Friday, April 03

Stage of 8 

VOTING: Monday, April 06

RESULTS: Tuesday, April 07

Stage of 4 

VOTING: Wednesday, April 08

RESULTS: Thursday, April 09

Final 2 

VOTING: Thursday, April 09