Professor Melsop attends Pixel Show in São Paulo

October 25, 2016
Assistant Professor Melsop at Pixel Show
Susan Melsop, professor in the Department of Design at Ohio State, was invited by the U.S. Consulate General in São Paulo to represent Ohio State and participate in Pixel Show 2016, the largest creative conference in Latin America. 
While at Pixel Show 2016, Melsop shared opportunities to study design and other creative areas at Ohio State and also reviewed students’ creative portfolios, providing them feedback on how to best present their work.
Melsop previously lived in Brazil during her junior high school years and is currently developing a service learning education abroad program focused on design-build teaching and social innovation. Her efforts in Brazil include developing research and teaching collaborations with Brazilian professors and institutions.
The Brazil Gateway joined Melsop at Pixel Show 2016 and will support the development of her education abroad program and her research collaborations.