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Blaine Nicodemus

Blaine Nicodemus

Blaine Nicodemus

Business Operations Manager



100 Hayes Hall
108 North Oval Mall
Columbus, Ohio 43210

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Office Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Thursdays: remote, appointments only

Areas of Expertise

  • Management
  • Grant Support
  • Operations
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


  • MBOE, Fisher College of Business The Ohio State University, 2023
  • BS Biology, College of Arts & Sciences The Ohio State University, 2012

Blaine Nicodemus is an experienced Business Operations Manager currently serving as the cornerstone of operational excellence for the Department of Design at The Ohio State University. With a Bachelor of Science in Biology earned in June 2012 and a forthcoming Master of Business Operational Excellence expected in December 2023, Blaine combines a solid foundation in science with an unwavering commitment to optimizing business operations.

Blaine is a certified Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt, leveraging over a decade of expertise in operations management within the Ohio State community. In previous roles, Blaine skillfully oversaw diverse teams comprising 250 student staff, 20 full-time professionals, and 7 managers, simultaneously managing operations across ten distinct business locations.

As a dedicated advocate of continuous operational improvement, Blaine's approach centers on creating mutually beneficial solutions for faculty, staff, and students alike. In the current capacity as Business Operations Manager, Blaine undertakes a multifaceted role encompassing strategic planning, project management, cross-functional leadership, and the meticulous administration of departmental resources. This includes finance, processes and operations, talent management, staffing, facilities, equipment, systems, and effective communication.

Blaine is entrusted with the vital responsibility of reviewing and approving procurement and travel transactions. Additionally, Blaine skillfully manages the preparation and oversight of grant and contract proposals, alongside vigilant monitoring of budgets across various funding sources, encompassing operating funds, earnings, endowments, grants, scholarships, and gift funds.

Beyond the world of academia and operations, Blaine's personal interests shine brightly. Blaine finds joy in exploring new countries alongside a cherished spouse, delighting in culinary adventures, and seeking out unique coffee shops as a passionate traveler and food enthusiast.