Hemalatha Venkataraman

MFA Candidate - DRD
Graduate Teaching Assistant

Hemalatha Venkataraman Hemalatha Venkataraman is an architect with a particular interest in cultural and heritage aspects of art, architecture and design. She has recently forayed into Arts Entrepreneurship by combining her love for art and culture through a series of live sketches of architectural heritage and by creating a limited edition postcard series that is aimed to create public awareness and a revival of 'conventional' means of communication. Her Masters thesis is explorative and focussed on developing the picture postcard as a tool in Generative Design Research. 

She is currently pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts at Ohio State University in Design Research and Development while independently working on her artistic pursuits. 

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Areas of Expertise
  • Architecture
  • Narratives through Art and Design
  • Generative Design Research
  • B.Arch, MEASI Academy of Architecture, Madras, India