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Quantified-Self + Well-Being: Transforming Data into Meaningful Insights

This project aims to investigate how the Quantified-Self movement can effectively support and enhance individual well-being. We will explore psychological foundations, well-being metrics, design theories, and visual strategies to transform raw metrics of self-tracked data into meaningful insights that foster positive emotions, personal growth, and resilience. By examining various approaches, including but not limited to positive psychology, this project seeks to turn data points into actionable insights that contribute to a holistic approach to well-being. 


Information Design, User Experience Design, Self-tracking, Data Visualization, Design for Well-being

Advising Team


Profile Description and Preferred Qualifications

Strong design and visualization skills
Strong research and writing skills
Interest in Well-being and Health Sciences

Desired Qualifications:
Some background knowledge in Psychology or Behavioral Sciences
Some experience in Data Science and Analytics