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Stir Symposium

 The Stir Symposium was envisioned and organized in 2011 by graduate students in the Department of Design at The Ohio  State University, along with faculty advisors from Design, Art Education, and Engineering.

Stir provided a rare opportunity for participants from many backgrounds to collaborate, think, and discover new ways  to approach global issues. Stir allowed for collaboration and thinking in new ways, no matter the discipline: business, architecture, engineering, design, agriculture, geography, and more.

Inspired by Design, the goal, and outcome, of the weekend was an exploration of methodologies around this process of  working together. Participants worked to address topics such as education (Learning), conservation and sustainability (Conserving), food production and agriculture (Eating), transportation (Moving), and community or city planning (Livi ng).

Please feel free to download the Stir Symposium Proceedings PDF (103MB), to have access to the many insights that resulted from this unique collaborative experience.