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Design Foundations Petitions are reviewed annually during the month of May. Results will be announced via email by the last work day of May to the email address listed below.

This web form is for all Non-Freshman Students who would like to enter a Department of Design Major through a path other than as an incoming first year student. These students must petition the department for consideration for a seat in the Department of Design Foundations Program.

Completion of this petition form also acknowledges your understanding that admittance to the first-year foundation course sequence DOES NOT guarantee admission to a Design Major, just the opportunity to compete for one through the undergraduate review process described on the department website.

A Note for OSU Regional Campus Students

Please note that regional campus students should also be working with their current advisor to become main campus students for the upcoming autumn term.

A Note for High School Students

High School Students who would like to be considered for a Department of Design Pre-Major should NOT use this form. Rather, they should apply to The Ohio State University. When doing this, they should be sure to select one of our three design majors during that process. Our three majors are Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Visual Communication Design. High School Students should also be aware of the highly selective admissions process.

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