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BSD Program Petitions are reviewed annually during the month of April. Results will be announced via email by the last work day of April to the email address listed below.

This web form is for all Non-Freshman Students who have begun an undergraduate design related major program from a recognized, peer institution of higher learning and has completed 18 or more semester credit hours in Art, Design, Architecture, or Engineering specific coursework who would like to enter a Department of Design Major through a path other than as an incoming first year student. These students must petition the department for consideration for a Department of Design BSD Major Program.

Completion of this petition form also acknowledges your understanding that the Department of Design typically accepts a full group of major program students each academic year via the annual entrance review process. Therefore, it may not be possible to place a transfer student in an existing, advanced group of students if no places are available. In such cases, the only possibility may be for consideration of acceptance to the first-year foundation course sequence for the next academic year. Most often, when students are admitted beyond the first-year, it is at the sophomore level due to the advanced research component within our curriculum.

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Portfolio Submission

Portfolios should include:

  1. Process (research, sketches, etc.) and finished project work
  2. English language syllabi and assignments sheets related to projects shown
  3. Current Transcript or Advising Report with Cumulative GPA and Design course grades

All items should be neatly organized in a physical manner. Portfolio should be a single PDF reduced to a memory size appropriate for screen display (10mb maximum file size).

Please include a link to where your portfolio can be accessed via a public internet connection. This coudl be a downloadable PDF (Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, etc...) or a portfolio website (Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress, etc..)