Visual Principles and Techniques I

DESIGN 2310: Visual Principles and Techniques I

Skill building in using drawing to observe, see, record and communicate characteristics of subjects, objects, information, environments, experiences and interactions.
Credit Hours

Prerequisite: Selection to Design Foundations. 
Concur: DESIGN 2110.


Visualization Principles is an introduction to perspective and freehand drawing as a skill to communicate characteristics of a subject and space as it pertains to Design. Emphasis on observational and ruled drawing as a tool to record, analyze, and communicate information about natural and human made objects. 


The skills gained by the end of this course include:

  • Demonstrate visualization applications as functional methods of thinking by helping us to observe, interpret, represent, and imagine information 
  • Identify visible and invisible qualities in all things observed and demonstrate strategies that inform our decisions while creating representations and interpretation of thought and observations
  • Understand that all complex forms derive from essential shapes
  • Understand that our representations of the world occur on a spectrum of abstraction, in which decisions depend on our perception/intention
  • Apply active observation to leverage visible and invisible details in the drawing process • • Analyze and represent 2D and 3D complex forms by extrapolating them from essential shapes
  • Apply types of perspective to construct space/form
  • Interpret observations to translate into representations 
  • Develop strategies and differentiate between creative processes as both interpretive and following conventional practice
  • Understand that technical skills develop through consistent and meaningful practice and participation 
  • Understand that experimentation and indeterminate creative processes can function as a method of ideation by uncovering concepts and decisions that may be difficult to conceive or notice 
  • Apply iterative process to test and revise work
  • Apply rapid prototyping to represent ideas visually 


Required software/technologies for this course

  • CarmenZoom virtual meetings (free)

Required or recommended equipment

  • Computer: current Mac (OS X) or PC (Windows 7+) with internet connection that can support CarmenZoom calls
  • Webcam: built-in or external webcam, fully installed and tested
  • Microphone: built-in laptop or tablet mic or external microphone
  • Other: a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) or landline to use for BuckeyePass authentication

Required software

  • Microsoft Office 365:
  • All Ohio State students are now eligible for free Microsoft Office 365. Full instructions for downloading and installation can be found at

Course Organization

This is a 3 credit hour course that meets in person twice a week for two hours and 40 minutes 

Sample Coursework

  • Attendance may be taken at any point during the class period
  • Active participation needed during class
  • Reading assignments, exercises, and viewing media for occasional online meetings when necessary

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