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Visual Principles and Techniques II

DESIGN 2330: Visual Principles and Techniques II

Skills and techniques mix media that assist in interpreting, translating and generating visual narratives that reveal relationships among subjects, objects, information, environments, experience and interactions.
Credit Hours

Prerequisite: DESIGN 2310; Selection to Design Foundations.
Concur: DESIGN 2130.


Visual thinking and design problem-solving. Introduction to design principles, theories, methods, and 2-D visual thinking and making with an emphasis on visual language for time-based narrative and interactive storytelling. This is a progress-oriented course that combines theory and practice into a lecture | studio format. Both will require active student participation


At the successful completion of the course, you will demonstrate:
  • An ability to create through a process of comparison and evaluation of ideas against constraints: problem-solving
  • Proficiency with basic manual / analog design tools and apply intentional crafting approaches
  • Understanding and application of foundational design vocabularies, principles, and concepts such as basic color theory
  • Explorations in the process of basic interactive and communicative design applications and to document the design process: Testing, revision, and iteration
  • Effective communication (written and verbal) and create / construct design intentions both individually and collaboratively

Course Materials

  • Students use a variety of materials in this course
  • Alternative materials may be explored or needed on a per project basis as you explore your ideas
  • Be creative and responsible (share, recycle etc.)
  • Plan ahead when ordering online
  • All required readings will be posted to Carmen

Course Organization

This is a 3 credit hour course that meets twice a week for 2.7 hours each day

Sample Coursework

Type of work students can expect include:
  • Lectures, presentations, and assignments
  • Participatory activities, individual meetings, and reading assignments

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