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Introduction to Industrial Design II

DESIGN 3151: Introduction to Industrial Design II

Application of divergent thinking strategies including design research, evaluation, and prototyping in the context of design in the public sphere.
Credit Hours

Prerequisite: Admission to Bachelor of Science in Design - Industrial Design program; or permission of instructor.




Upon successful completion of this course, students should be capable at an introductory level of:
  • Design place sensitive intervention
  • Engage with disruptive innovation methods
  • Think about industrial design in a product-service-system perspective use prototyping and iteration as an inquiry and reflective method
  • Reflect on design capacity to act as a community-building strategy
  • Communicate design intentions efficiently

Readings & Resources

  • Graham, G. (1997). The Marxist theory of art. The British Journal of Aesthetics, 37(2), 109-117
  • Manzini, E., & Jégou, F. (2004). Design degli scenari. Design multiverso: appunti di fenomenologia del design. Milão: Edizioni POlI. design, 189-207
  • Gauthier, P. & Proulx, S. (under Review). Differential Moral Framing and the Design Imagination. Submitted to the 2022 Design Research Society Conference
  • Day, C. (2003). Consensus Design. Socially Inclusive Process. Architectural Press
  • Donoff, G. & Bridgman, R. (2017). The playful city: constructing a typology for urban design interventions, International Journal of Play, 6(3), 294-30
  • Thaler, R., Sunstein, C. (2008). Nudge. Improving Decision about Health, Wealth and Happiness. Yale university Press

Course Organization

This is a 3 credit hour course that meets twice a week for 2:40 each day

Sample Coursework

Type of work student can expect include:
  • Lectures, individual and group meetings
  • Readings, group discussions, presentations, and project critiques

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