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Design Media II for Industrial Design

DESIGN 3451: Design Media II for Industrial Design

Intermediate-level digital, three-dimensional modeling and visualization strategies for Industrial Design.
Credit Hours

Prerequisite: Admission to Bachelor of Science in Design - Industrial Design program; or permission of instructor.


This is an intermediate level course on the technologies and applications of Design Media with lecture and laboratory components organized into a studio style course structure. Lecture will focus on established and emerging design media and their use in industrial design practice. Laboratory exercises will augment lecture content primarily through self-directed inquiry structured as making activities. Students will be. able to apply the principles and methods developed in these lectures and laboratory exercises to strategically utilize design media in support of any design effort. Knowledge and skills obtained throughout the course have applications in the field of design


By the end of this course:
  • Students will understand the essential concepts of design media
  • Students will know how to appropriately and strategically integrate various design media into a design effort
  • Students will have a personalized design media skill set
  • Students will know their own approach learning and sharing a new design media technique in the future

Course Materials

The following online tools are used throughout the semester:
  • CarmenCanvas
  • Miro
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

Course Organization

This is a 3 credit hour course that meets twice a week for 2:40 each day

Sample Coursework

Type of work students can expect include:
  • Lectures, individual and group meetings
  • Reading and other assignments
  • Presentations and project critiques

Semester(s) Offered:


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