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Professional Practices

DESIGN 4750: Professional Practices

Investigation of the administrative and legal aspects of the design profession contrasting the private firm with corporate and free-lance practices.
Credit Hours

Prerequisite: Admission to Bachelor of Science in Design program; or permission of instructor.




By the end of this semester, students should successfully be able to:
  • To gain awareness that designers use ethical and agreed-upon standards of practice, are committed to continuous professional development and the industry, and understand the value of their role and contribution as working designers to life, society, and the environment
  • To understand various roles and professional conduct toward that awareness
  • To evaluate design positions choices, including entrepreneurship, and gain a better understanding of future employability
  • To gain basic knowledge of professional contracts writing, project budgeting and Intellectual Property (IP)
  • To gain basic knowledge of the business world
  • To prepare for job interviews and preparation techniques for entry level design positions
  • To learn from design practitioners

Course Materials

  • You will connect to the Friday sessions via zoom
  • Be sure to log in with the SSO (osu.zoom.us)
  • Make sure that your microphone for voice connection is active, but please silence it upon login
  • Video connection is optional, but highly recommended to ensure optimized communication
  • All required readings will be posted to Carmen

Course Organization

This is a 3 credit hour course that meets in person and online twice a week

Sample Coursework

Students can expect:
  • Reading and other assignments

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