Design Seminar for Industrial Design

DESIGN 5801: Design Seminar for Industrial Design

Investigation of issues and inquiry into topics of relevance to design; group discussions and analysis of events, processes, manifestations and procedures in Industrial Design.
Credit Hours

Prerequisite: Admission to Bachelor of Science in Design - Industrial Design program; or permission of instructor.




Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate enhanced abilities to:
  • Assimilate the conceptual principles of care ethics and reflect on their value to inform their professional responsibilities as designers
  • Reflect on the emerging moral issues associated with the contemporary development of artificial intelligence as it transforms the practice of industrial design
  • Engage and lead a structured conversation around the social role of design
  • Develop a general understanding of ethics as a determinant of the decision-making process in design
  • Critically and precisely examine design projects from the lenses and principles of particular moral stances

Course Materials

All class-related materials are available through Carmen

Course Organization

This is a 3 credit hour seminar that meets for 2:40 once a week

Sample Coursework

Students can expect:
  • Reading discussions
  • Participation and attendance

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