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Developing Positive Branded Environment on Campus Parking


An academic collaboration between CampusParc and the Department of Design by engaging students to explore opportunities and propose solutions (environmental and digital) that would: contribute to an overall positive experience with the university; contribute to customer comfort level in approaching and finding parking and reaching their destination; improve the overall customer journey and CampusParc brand perception.


Customer Journey; Service Design; Brand Design; Way-finding 

Advising Team  

Peter Kwok Chan 
Paul Nini 
Adam Fromme 
CampusParc Brand Team 

Student Team

Undergraduate (senior level) and graduate design students 

Preferred Qualifications and Skills

Ability to visualize concept scenarios highlighting customer’s interaction and situations. 
Understanding of wayfinding principles and information system design.
Interested in multidisciplinary collaboration and participating in field/user research. 
Proficient in graphic design software such as Adobe Creative Suite to create visually appealing and engaging visual materials.