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Areas of Expertise

  • Design Education
  • Visual Communications Design
  • Aging and Accessible Design
  • Environmental Graphic Design
  • Urban Ecology


  • M.F.A. in Design Research and Development, The Ohio State University (2018)
  • B.S.D. in Visual Communication Design, The Ohio State University (2006)

Adam Fromme holds a B.S. in Visual Communication Design and an M.F.A. in Design Research and Development (with a Specialization in Aging) both from the Department of Design at The Ohio State University. 

He lectures regularly at Ohio State in the College of Arts and Sciences (Department of Design) and College of Nursing (Master of Healthcare Innovation Program). His extensive experience presenting at regional and international conferences allows him to share his research with academics, practitioners, and fellow designers. He is a contributing member of Ohio State's DESIS Lab.

He also serves as Co-founder and Principal of The Center for Inclusive Aging and Design Research, researching and addressing age-related design needs. His experience designing with older adults has led to co-authoring the book "How to Start a Conversation on Driving, Mobility, and Aging" and developing "The Age-friendly Evaluation of Public Places.” 

Adam is also an active hiker with his wife and three children set on exploring the entire US National Park system, having visited over 97 (of the roughly 420) park sites. To help them get there, in 2020 his family's goal is to hike 100 miles of new trails together.


Recent publications
Proulx, Sebastien; Fromme, Adam; Akberdin, Leila; Basile, Maria; Forsyth, Olivia; Jenkins, Maya; Nelson, Abby; and Spicer, Claire. “Rethinking Parking Garage User Experiences with an Aim on Mental Health: Exploring Innovative Suicide Prevention Strategies Through Motivational Design” Cumulus Roma. Rome, Italy. 15–19 June 2020. (Submitted)

Fromme, Adam. “Student Mental Health and the Design Curriculum: Student-led Solutions for Creating a Culture of Care” Design Principles and Practices (DPP) Fourteenth International Conference: Advocacy in Design: Engagement, Commitment, and Action. Brooklyn, NY. 16–18 March 2020. (Conference postponed due to Covid-19)

Fromme, Adam and Valentine, Emily. “Urban Housing Built for All, The Lasting Impact of Age-friendly Design Principles” 2019 Community Engagement Conference. Columbus, OH. 23–24 January 2019. 
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Fromme, Adam. “The Four Pillars of Age-friendly Design” Southeastern Association of Area Agencies on Aging (SE4A) Annual Conference. Louisville, KY. 30 September–3 October 2018.

Bell, Emily; Fromme, Adam; Matheny, Rebekah. (2018). How to Make Collaborative Learning Environments Meaningful for University Students. Research funded by M+A Architecture.
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Fromme, Adam. (2018). Co-designing with Older Adults to Create an Age-friendly Evaluation Tool for Public Places. 
Link to Thesis

Bell, Emily; Bryan, Mark; Eyink, Kelly; Fromme, Adam; and Matheney, Rebekah. “Engage Place to Engage People,” 7th Annual Innovate Conference: Forward. Columbus, Ohio. 11 May 2018. 
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Bell, Emily; Fromme, Adam; Matheny, Rebekah. (2017). Three Approaches to Lighting for Senior Living. Research funded by M+A Architecture. 
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Fromme, Adam. “How to Use Universal Principles to Support Older Adults in Public Places” Universal Design Summit 6–Inclusive Communities: Housing and Public Spaces. St. Louis, MO. 13–14 November 2017.

Fromme, Adam and Chan, Peter. “Driving Home Design Research: A Collaborative Design Case Study for Developing Positive Parking Experience on a University Campus” International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR) Conference–re: research. Cincinnati, OH. 31 October–3 November 2017. 
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Fromme, Adam. “Why Motivations Matter More than Measurements: How Design Thinking Can Inform Future Experiences for an Aging Population” 2017 Society for the Study of Human Biology (SSHB) joint meeting with the International Association of Physiological Anthropology (IAPA) Symposium: Human Biology of Climate Change. Loughborough, UK. 12–15 September 2017.

Fromme, Adam. “Public Space Design for an Aging Society,” 2017 Optimal Aging Conference. Louisville, KY. 11–13 June 2017.

Fromme, Adam; Alexander, Gretchen; Allen, Chris; Moore Maggie; Roth, Bob; Willard, Jinnie; Ardiyanto; and Shah, Trisha. (2017). How to Start a Conversation on Driving, Mobility, and Aging. (Self-published)
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Fromme, Adam and Haase, Jeff. “Exploring the Next Urban Condition,” 12th European Academy of Design Conference–Design for Next. Rome, Italy. 12–14 April 2017. 
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Fromme, Adam. “The Process of Exploring the Next Urban Condition,” Design Incubation–Colloquium 3.3. Kent, OH. 11 March 2017.
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