Adam Fromme presenting at the International Climate Change Conference

August 25, 2017
Icebergs in Sunset
Adam Fromme, MFA-candidate in the Department of Design, will be presenting at the International Climate Change Conference at Loughborough University (UK) in mid-September. His paper titled "Why motivations matter more than measurements: How design thinking can inform future experiences for an aging population" will present three case studies demonstrating how designers are well suited to employ the co-design approach towards problem definition, particularly for the purpose of understanding experiences that older adults wish for in the future. This paper presents three case studies in collaborative design (a digital interface to help older adults decide where to spend the rest of their lives, a workbook to start conversations about an older adult’s driving abilities, and a walk audit to understand the ideal neighborhood walking experience). 
For more information on one of his case studies, the workbook "How to start a conversation on driving, mobility, and aging," visit
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