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Department Chair and Professor Attend World Design Assembly in Tokyo Representing Ohio State

December 13, 2023

Department Chair and Professor Attend World Design Assembly in Tokyo Representing Ohio State

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Department of Design Chair, Professor Fabienne Münch, and Associate Professor Peter Chan, attended the World Design Assembly Tokyo 2023. This global congregation, orchestrated by the Japan Institute of Design Promotional (JDP), a member of the esteemed World Design Organization (WDO), unfolded over three dynamic days from October 27 to 29. Themed "Design Beyond," the event comprised a thought-provoking Research and Education Forum and an international Design Conference, collectively delving into the transformative journey of design and its intricate connections with humanity, technology, and the environment.

At the organization, Dr. Fabienne Münch presented her paper, "Design and Good Decision-Making," exploring the theme of behavioral design for the planet. Meanwhile, Peter Chan showcased his poster, "Promoting Local & Sustainable Food Practices Through Visual Communication Design," co-authored with Dr. Ben McCorkle, an English professor at Ohio State. Münch delved into the intriguing question of decision-making in extreme conditions, comparing teams of design students to those of business students to determine the groups most likely to make the right decisions for survival in an arctic storm.

In a recent interview, Peter Chan shared his reflections on his time at the organization. Over the course of a concise three-day period, Chan expressed the significance of the experience, noting that The Department of Design at Ohio State had newly joined the group as a member this year—a development he deemed highly favorable. According to Chan, the design exhibition hosted by the organization was particularly impressive. Recounting his journey alongside Fabienne Münch as representatives of Ohio State, Chan emphasized the wonderful opportunity it provided to engage with diverse perspectives from designers and educators. He highlighted the value of understanding their interests, as it offered insights into the priorities of design education. During the event, Chan seized the chance to establish connections with educators from various parts of the world, including Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Europe, and across the United States. He expressed his enthusiasm for delving into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), citing engaging discussions on design frameworks and ethical considerations related to AI's potential dangers and opportunities. Chan's enjoyment extended beyond the conference sessions; he relished the opportunity to explore the city and savor its delectable Japanese cuisine. Praising the city's beauty and breathtaking architecture, he conveyed his deep appreciation for the overall experience. Chan commended the city's amiable and friendly residents, noting the remarkable climate that added to the positive atmosphere. Expressing a desire to return for the next organization event, Peter Chan left no doubt about his fondness for the occasion and the enriching experiences it offered.

various Ohio State Design alumni at the event.

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