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Thinking through Design Episode 11 with guests Dr. Jacinda Walker, Omari Souza and John Brown Vi

June 10, 2024

Thinking through Design Episode 11 with guests Dr. Jacinda Walker, Omari Souza and John Brown Vi

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Episode 11 of Thinking through Design is now available. The Thinking through Design podcast features host Adam Fromme as he explores what it means to have a designer’s mindset. In this episode Adam sits down in person with Dr. Jacinda Walker, Omari Souza and John Brown Vi.

Their conversation shares the impact of design on marginalized communities, highlighting how design can unintentionally cause harm. They emphasize the importance of considering the “in group” as well as the inevitable and often invisible “out group” in every design project. And their conversation touches on the limitations of traditional design education and the need for involving the actual users, especially underrepresented groups, in the design process. They advocate for shifting from rule-based to value-based design decision making process to create more inclusive and equitable outcomes. The inclusion of youth voices in designing public spaces like parks is also discussed, emphasizing that young people have valuable insights that should be considered.

The guests are contributing authors to An Anthology of Blackness, The State of Black Design, edited by Terresa Moses and Omari Souza. This episode is the first in a two-part conversation to expand the motivations, ideas and reflections within this publication.

Dr. Jacinda N. Walker, founder of designExplorr, is a prominent figure in the fields of design, diversity, research, and strategy, notably through her influential thesis on increasing diversity in design disciplines. She aims to expand diversity initiatives for underrepresented youth in corporations, educational institutions, and museums.

Omari Souza, an assistant professor at the University of North Texas, is the organizer of the State of Black Design Conference. A first-generation American of Jamaican descent, he has worked with notable organizations and holds degrees in Digital Media and Design; his research focuses on how visual narratives shape cultural perceptions.

John Brown VI is experienced in leading design research, user testing, and creating prototypes, presenting findings to stakeholders. He is passionate about using design and research to develop human-centered strategies that transform user experiences.

The podcast is available through OSU Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

More about this episode at https://podcast.osu.edu/thinkingthroughdesign/2024/06/01/episode-11-passion-participation-and-representation-pt-2/ 

About the podcast 

It’s obvious that design is all around us, but how designers think through their work is often a mystery. Yet, understanding that process can fuel our own curiosity and creativity. Adam Fromme hosts Thinking through Design as a series of in-depth discussions to reveal the designer’s mindset and realize its value. 

Thinking through Design is brought to you by the Department of Design at The Ohio State University. For general inquires, contact Adam Fromme, fromme.3@osu.edu

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