Maryam Alihoseini

Maryam Alihoseini

Maryam Alihoseini

MFA Candidate, DRD | Graduate Associate

Areas of Expertise

  • Interactive Design

  • Service Design

  • Emotional Design

  • Marketing and Design

  • Brand Storytelling & Content Strategy



  • BFA in Industrial Design, Tehran University of Art


Maryam Alihoseini, a Tehran University of Art graduate with a degree in Industrial Design, believes that we can create not only new experiences but positive emotions through design thinking. As a result, she has always tried to integrate Design into her life.

She is a proactive, enthusiastic and committed individual who is always keen on learning new skills. Therefore, she enjoys projects that present me with new challenges. 
She is passionate about idea generation, especially for interactive experiences. As a detail-orientated person, she always strives to have everything just right. Maryam likes to meet new people and imagine herself in their shoes so that I can create a change in their lives (hopefully in a positive way!). 

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