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Amarth Chen

Amarth Chen

Amarth Chen

MFA Candidate, DAIM | Graduate Associate


Roaming in Sullivant

Areas of Expertise

  • Computer Graphics
  • Digital Image
  • Optical Imaging


  • B.S. Computer Science Engineering

"Oh no, why is he upside down?" 

Having been criticized many times for not making enough accommodations for mobile users in web app development, the image is intentionally rotated so that only mobile users can view it normally by turning their phones upside-down. Vola, a specially accommodated design. 

Aside from over a decade's experience in traditional/academicism art such as charcoal and oil, Amarth specializes in computer graphics, game/app development, and optical imaging, including A/V production and optical design. He has helped developing web/iOS apps for the Ohio State University online education and has worked as a cinematographer/1st AC for university media production, also functioned as tech support for students and faculties. If you come to the Ohio State University in 2023 or after that as a undergraduate student, then fortunate of him and unfortunate of you, there will be videos he shot that you are required to watch.  

His current research focuses on the emulation and preservation of objectives - vintage lenses specifically - by digitalization. Treating the optical aberrations of an objective as an inverse problem, mathematically recreate a digital copy of a physical objective from a sequence of images captured following certain guidelines. The resulting digital lenses can be used for either historical preservation purpose or for TV/film/animation production, such as for CG special effect to match the live action footage shot with real lenses. 

It has been noticed by many that Amarth has an unhealthy amount of fascination towards death and necromancy, possessing books with strange drawings and incantations, holding flasks and beakers filled with thick red glowy elixir, and mumbling words unknown to be German or spells of the dark art. While he is typically willing and happy to help you solving technical issues with satisfaction almost guaranteed, for your bones, it is recommended to refrain from approaching him for other purposes. 

Draw Shadow to portray light

--Takehiko Inoue (probably)

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